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Entire traverse of Fagaras mountains main ridge

I start speaking with Sheila about a hiking tour in Romania three years ago…on 2008.  Her wish was to do a hiking tour which will fulfill her hiking experience around the world. So, after three years when she find time to do the tour, she came for the tour, the full traverse of Fagaras mountains main ridge!

It is a challenging tour, during we hiked aprox 95 km, climb ~ 7500 m, and descending another 7500 m, all of this on only 5 days. And yes, we carried on our backpacks all the equipment, sleeping bag, mattress,  clothes, food for five da… (>>>)

Exploring Fagaras mountains

It was a tour like the tours have to be! I’m not saying that I not enjoy all my tours, because I really enjoy all my tours, but this one was special because of the tranquility of the Astird, Susanne and Holger, and not the last, because like all this summer, the weather was the right one for a hike in Fagaras mountains!

Our tour start from Ucea de Sus village, at the bottom of Fagaras mountains, with a hike of 6 1/2 hours to Podragu hut, where we arrived just with seconds before a heavy rain start, but as I said, we were lucky with the weather.  … (>>>)

Drumetie montana pe dealurile satului Simon

Salut,Ziua de 10 Septembrie am petrecut-o intr-o excursie, insotind in zona Bran – Moeciu, un frumos grup de tineri din Bucuresti. Tura noastra a inceput in satul Simon cu multa voie buna. Vremea frumoasa si atmosfera tinereasca au impanzit dealurile care au rasunat de rasete si glume care au dat viata locurilor. Aparatele de fotografiat si-au facut cu prisosinta datoria, imortalizand atat diverse momente ale Echipei cat si frumusetea peisajelor si a participante(i)lor. Avand in stanga masivul Bucegi si in dreapta Piatr… (>>>)

Wandern in Bran Bergdorf, zu Fuß in rumänischen Landschaft Siebenbürgen Rumänien


Wie gesagt, ich bin wieder in Bran gebiet, dieses mal mit Ernesto, Cristhoff, und Christian, gewesen.Und ist auch wie gedacht… ist immer mal anders.  Die Abwechslung zwischen Sonne und Wolken wahrend unsere Tour hat frisches Luft und angenehme Temperaturen mitgebracht. Das hat uns auch erlaubt durch die klare Luft bis weite in Ferne zu gucken über Konigstein, Bucegi, Leaota und Papusa Gebirge.  Wir haben, wieder, die Bauer getroffen die das Grummet abgeschniten haben und jetzt wurde getrocknet oder runter i… (>>>)

Hiking vacation in Fagaras mountains and Ucea de Sus village

Omer, Ray, Or and Oran came to Romania form Israel to hike in the Fagaras Mountains. And some epic hiking they did: they were faced with harder physically and more challenging technically trails than they anticipated (or expected), but what they lacked in specific mountain skills (and gear) they more than compensated with determination, positive thinking and good humor. Always in the mood for singing, no matter how steep or rocky the mountain trails were, or how tired their legs were.We had our share of clouds but almost no rain (it on… (>>>)

Exploring Romanian mountains

I was asked many times by my guests if I’m not bored to do tours in the past 11 years over and over the same places, over and over same mountains, and clearly my answer is NO! First of all, I did tours with hundreds of different guests, from all over the world, and all of them have different stories to share, and all of them were surprised by my country, Romania. I can say that most of them came with not so many expectations about a hiking or a cultural tour in Romania, but at the end of the tour they really changed their opinion about my country… (>>>)

Bergblumen-Tour in Fagaras Gebirge, Süd-Karpaten in Rumänien, Silene dinarica

Discovering Fagaras mountains, The Transylvanian Alps, flora and fauna

I can say that the trip into Fagaras mountains from middle of August 2011 together with Ursula and Christop was really a nice tour, with a lot of interesting things to see. Christop have special interest for the flora of the Fagaras mountains, and taking this in consideration we did a interesting tour. Our tour start on Lady valley in middle of Fagaras, and end on Sambata valley on East part of Fagaras mountains.

Starting with the first day, we’re be able to di… (>>>)

Wandern und Kultur in Transsilvanien

 100% Rumänien, 100% Sommer, 100% Urlaub


zwischen dem 13 und 20 August bin ich zusammen mit Oli und Annika im Baiului- und Bucegigebirge sowie im Brangebiet und Piatra-Craiului-Gebirge (Königstein) unterwegs gewesen. Es war ein wunderschöne Tour und trotz der Hitze und des  im Stau Stehens  haben wir die herrliche Landschaft und autentische rumänische

Erlebnisse genossen. Wie Oli und Annika meinten: „Wenn wir alles wie in Deutschland haben wollten dann wären wir lieber zu Hause geblieben“. Ihr bewundernswerter Standp… (>>>)

Bergwandern in den Siebenbürger Alpen

Last year, on July 2010, I hiked with Christian from Stuttgart on the Fagaras main ridge, from far East to Podragu hut, on Central part of Fagaras mountains. We did this hike camping on a tent on the main ridge of Fagaras for 3 days. I can say the weather was not as we expected, was raining all the time, but even like this we climbed Moldoveanu peak, and we enjoy some tough hikes.

This year, on July 2011, Christian return to his favorite mountains, Fagaras mountains, for another challenging tour. This time we had great weather. On this year hik… (>>>)

Traveler to Romania, walking and culture

End of June offer the possibility to enjoy a tour through Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina counties, Dracula castle, wooden churches and painted monasteries. It was a long tour, almost 2 weeks, and during those two weeks weather was quite challenging. From high temperatures in Bucegi mountain to zero Celsius and  snow up in Fagaras mountains, and good weather for walking in Maramures county, we had them all. Was a tour for those type of persons who are really interested to see as much they can during those two weeks, and they enjoy… (>>>)