Drumetie pe varful Moldoveanu in muntii Fagaras

Moldoveanu peak in Fagaras mountains, is the highest peak in Romanian mountains, with a height of 2544 m.

Situated on the East part of Fagaras mountains, the peak is accessible from all possible directions, South, North, East and West, but the most spectacular climb of Moldoveanu peak start from West, from Podragu hut. Are few ways to arrive at Podragu hut, the “easy” but beautiful one, in on Arpasul Mare valley, and after 5-6 hours of hiking, Podragu lake and hut appear!

Most of the climbs of Moldoveanu peak are part of one week, or more, hikes in Romanian mountains, but are tour just to climb the peak! And then we choose the right approach for each group, taking in consideration the weather, the wishes of each participant, and not the last the level of fitness.

And when all of this are understood, the tour is a success!

During summer of 2019, before the pandemic start, we organize few hikes to Moldoveanu peak with a duration of 2 or 3 days. Tours are possible starting from middle June until end f October, weather is the decision fact.

So, enjoy some photos of hiking in Fagaras mountains, on summer of 2019!

October 2021


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