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Drumetie in Muntii Fagarasului, Romania, Varful...

Tatal lui Manfred este din Romania, dintr-un sat Transilvananean din podisul Hartibaciului. Manfred ca fost de cateva ori la bunici, in Romania, iar acum s-a hotarat sa urce pe cel mai inalt varf din Carpatii Romanesti, pe Moldoveanu, in I… (>>>)

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Mountain biking in the Transylvanian Alps, Romania

Tura de mountain biking in Bucegi, Ciucas si Piatra...

It was a long wait, but totally worth it. Scheduled to take place in June 2020, the Transylvanian Alps tour with a small group of brave Belgian mountain bikers finally happened in September 2021. Ciucaș, Baiului, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului … (>>>)

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Ski touring season in Romania, 2020 winter

Sezonul de schi de tura, iarna 2020

The 2019-2020 skiing season was, to put it mildly, a weird one. It started with a very long and warm autumn, delaying the first snow up the mountains for the end of December. It continued with a cold but dry January, followed by a warm and rainy (… (>>>)
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We went on a 3 day hike with Iulian to Moldoveanu Peak in September 2021 and we had the best time! Lots of fun conversation and laughs. Iulian is very knowledgeable and has lots of interesting stories. We also felt incredibly safe with Iulian. He is very experienced and we had every confidence that he would get us to the top of Moldoveanu Peak! He was very organised and made the 3 day hiking experience incredibly easy for us….well as easy as climbing a 2544m mountain can be! It rained … (>>>)

We are a group of four Swedes who love exploring different countries and especially the mountains and the country side on bike, by foot and on skies. This year we decided to travel to Romania to test the Carpathians on mountain bikes. The expectations were set high after reading the web page and the professional contact with Horia and Iulian before arriving in Romania. And indeed, the Carpathians and our experiences during the week didn’t make us disappointed!
The Swedes,
Vik… (>>>)

For all the mountain lovers from everywhere in the world: you can trust Iulian and his team-mates to make you live an unforgettable experience in Romanian Carpates. Me, and 9 of my French friends, asked to Iulian a 1 day hiking tour in snowshoes. His knowledge of the mountain and his good feeling with people made us having a perfect day. He knows how to adapt the route to the fitness level of the participants. He succeed to delight the most sporty people of the group, but in the same t… (>>>)