Drumetie de familie în România, Bucegi și Fagaras

As most of the requests, the one I received from Bernhard was simple: I would like to hike in Romania with my daughter, kind of gift for her 18 years old birthday!
Is not first time when parents are coming with kids to hike in Romania, as presents for any type of anniversary, but each time is special! The interest of a young person just to go hiking on another country, with one of the parents, surprise me each time!
And this time I choose for them Bucegi and Fagaras mountains, the most representatives mountain ranges in Romanian Carpathian.

Was July, and during this time of the year the nature is at his best, beautiful wild flowers all over!

Part of the highlights of our trip, where the Moldoveanu peak hike, the highest one in Romania, and the nights we spent in Ucea de Sus village.

After our tour, Bernhard and Mia went to the Black Sea beaches, and they enjoy Cochilia beach at Tuzla!

Iulian, November 2021

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