Drumetii montane si nunta Romaneasca, Fagaras si Bucegi

The main reason for Laura and James to came to Romania, was the wedding of James brother at the beautiful Cantacuzino castle in Busteni town. As keen walkers in UK they also choose to enjoy some hikes in Romania, before and after the wedding.

First of all, we hike in Fagaras mountains, the target being Moldoveanu peak, the highest peak in Romanian Carpathians, at 2544 m high. It was a three days tour, starting from Victoria town, accommodation at Podragu hut. The weather forecast didn’t look great, but even a rain is beautiful sometime! So rain was welcome on last part of our climb day to Podragu hut, and what a rain! Summer rain, big drops, cold but not windy! And we realise that happiness can’t be altered by rain, such true!

Our day to Moldoveanu peak was on clouds, but not rain, and luckily on the peak we enjoy some views!

Second trip was Bucegi mountain traverse, starting from Sinaia, ending in Simon mountain village, following the old border of the Austro Hungarian empire and Romania. Beautiful weather, beautiful landscapes!

September 2021

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