Challenging hiking in Romania, Bucegi mountains

I meet Mike almost three years ago, when he asked me for another challenging tour in Romanian mountains, climbing Moldoveanu peak, our highest peak, in just two days. Usually when somebody ask about this type of tour, are two options: very well prepared for hiking, or didn’t know exactly how are Fagaras mountains. Well, Mike do not disappoint me, and he’s part of the first option, very well prepared for hiking, in fact he’s a Marathon runner. So three years ago we were just fast and happy (not furious like the movie) to climb Tarata north ridge in Fagaras mountains, to Podragu hut, in something like 5 hours, on a very beautiful Autumn day.  Next day from Podragu hut to Moldoveanu peak, 2544 m high, and down to Vistea Mare valley was fun, a good hike on good weather! At 13.00 hour we were already at the swimming pool in Victoria town, enjoying a beer!

On the last years we did another tours, just me and Mike, or with other friends, and each time the tours were as we expect: good weather, very nice persons on the groups, and nice memories. Well, I really like to take photos 🙂

So, after few chats we decide that it’s time for another challenge, who will fulfill our tours agenda, and because of this, and to have just two free days, we decide to go fast and happy in Bucegi mountains. Close to Bucharest, really challenging routes there.  On a Saturday beautiful morning, we meet in Busteni train station, and after few minutes of driving we start to get our reward: the sun light, because in November in shade is not the best place to be. We hiked Cerbului valley, up to Omu peak, gained 1600 m difference,  in just 2 hours and 40 minutes, enjoying the sun on the last portion of our hike. After a short break at Omu hut, for a meal and a drink, we continued our hike, but on a different terrain, more smooth but long, towards South West part of Bucegi mountains. We’ve been up there just in the right light conditions, and I enjoyed to take some nice photos during this day. The timings today were 25 km, 1980 m up, 900 m down, in total 38 km, 2680 m up, 2600 m down.

Next day was a gentle one, just to go out from Bucegi mountains, so we hiked on the smooth mountains of Dudele, ending our beautiful hike in Moeciu de Sus village, waited by our driver.

And one more time I realize he’s a person who like to hike, discover new places, and not the last a good companion for challenging hikes.
Thank you Mike!

Enjoy the photos,
Iulian, 23.11.2011

This was my latest of many hiking trips I have taken with Iulian’s guide services.  As usual, his route selection and flexibility to work with my schedule and abilities made for a fantastic hike!  I have come to depend on his expertise in the region and he has become a friend and outdoor mentor based on the many hours we have spent hiking together over several years.  He arranges tours well based on a hiker’s abilities and he knows I enjoy a challenge.  This trip did not disappoint – it was very memorable and challenging!  There is also no substitute for the beauty of the remote regions of Romania.Thanks again for a great weekend!

Mike, USA, November 2011

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