Walking softly adventyres founder hiking in Romania

Hi! Received an email from Iulian Cozma in Romania asking if I would provide you with a reference on him. I understand you are considering a ski trip in Romania with Iulian… I worked with Iulian to organize two summer hiking tours for our clients in the Romanian mountains–one in 2005 and one in 2006. I ended up traveling with both groups, so I know Iulian personally. Iulian is a skilled mountain guide, knows the Romanian mountains well; we couldn’t have been in better hands. All the arrangements we had agreed to–guiding services, bus transportation, hotel and restaurant bookings–were implemented without a hitch! I look forward to an opportunity to work with Iulian again. If you have any specific questions, I’d be glad to answer them.

Best regards, John Osaki, Director – Walking Softly Adventures