Walking in countryside of Romania, trekking tours in Carpathian mountains

„Hello Iulian, I have been on your website several times and I must admit I am very amazed by the scenery of the Romanian countryside. It is awesome. I am from Canada and I am seriously thinking about taking a hiking trip to Romania with my whole family. Robin”
Like this was starting my conversation with Robin from Canada, early on May 2012, about a walking tour in Romanian countryside! And they came in early October for a walking tour in Romania! As you may see on the photos below, we enjoyed a great weather during our walking tours, and the expectation of Robin and his family were fully fulfilled! The two lovely daughter enjoyed each day of walking, chasing the chickens, cows or any friendly animals they meet!

Not the last they were surprised by the local food from countryside, because the guide books they had, describe the Romanian countryside cuisine very limited! But the reality was different and pleasant!

Enjoy the photos!
Iulian, October 2012

Two weeks in Romania and our time spent with Iulian was our most memorable.  What a challenge!  How to organize a successful family hiking trip for grandparents, parents and kids? Iulian pulled it off masterfully! We were all challenged to our limits (except maybe my husband and I who are dreaming of returning to Romania to do some bigger mountains and some ski touring in the powdery Romanian snow) It was a wonderful family bonding experience.  Especially for the grandparents and grandkids. Romania blessed us with beautiful weather, spectacular mountain vistas and delicious food! Minerva and her wonderful food are forever in our hearts. Our only regret?  Not hiring Iulian for longer. Our four days with him were the best!
Dani, Robin and the family – Canada, October 2012

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