Tura florilor de munte, in Bucegi si tara Branului

They came all the way from Australia, visiting Tinne’s family in Holland but also to see the wild flower-rich meadows that Transylvania is known for. In some parts the horse and cart is still the normal mode of transport, and hay is cut and stacked by hand – an everyday reality.
We wound our way up through forested mountains in Bucegi and along fertile valleys with views of steep alpine meadows in Simon village with an extraordinary diversity of flowers.
The beautiful farm land of Magura mountain village, in Piatra Craiului national park offered panoramic views of the valley surrounded by alpine meadows, with so many plants to get excited about – some very familiar, others less so.
The weather was great, at times the scenery was breathtaking, the food delicious and nutritious, but the highlight of the trip were the wild flowers from our mountains!
Enjoy the photos and try to smell the hay,
Iulian, August 2017

Our trip to Romania, thanks solely to Iulian, turned out to be one of the most enjoyable we have experienced in our 40 years of travel.
Prior to undertaking the trip, Iulian actively assisted us with what we wanted to do and see, where in our case we were focused on the wildflowers of Transylvania. He met this objective in every way, from leading us through low lying pastures filled with all varieties of flowers through to finding the illusive gentian high up on one of the mountains we crossed. Iulian added in variety along the trip, where we visited the local shepherds who were tremendous people and also tried out cutting hay using the scythe.
He altered our plan without any hesitation and without any form of fuss, when we needed to attend to a small medical issue that came upon us. The accommodation was excellent at all times and the hosts we met were wonderful. All meals were adequate and delicious, including the Romanian sausages whenever we could get those. Travel was on time, in clean and reliable vehicles, where Iulian kept in contact with these people to ensure that everything went well. All associated costs were inclusively agreed to prior to going on the trip and no variation was asked for by Iulian at any time – the only cost not included was our dinner drinks.
We would recommend Iulian to everyone who might consider visiting this charmingly beautiful country.
So should you want to call us hereon, then please feel free to ask Iulian for our contact details and we will spend ‘several hours’ on the phone with you if you want, to tell you about our sensational adventure with Iulian.
Tinne and Pieter Van Beeck, Glenlowren, Australia – June 2017

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