Philips director second hike in Romania

With the briefing to “go hiking and experience cities and Romanian culture and country life within a week time”, we approached Iulian to design a tour for us. One of our group´s members already did a tour six years ago and had a very good experience with him. We immediately received an individual tour recommendation. Slight changes and wishes from our side were implemented right away, Iulian had a very good sense and understanding for what we envisioned. The tour finally consisted of a three day hike in Fagaras Mountains (including climbing Serbota and Scara peak) plus a city tour through Brasov and Sigishoara with a short stop at Sinaia on our own. All we needed to arrange was the flight to Sibiu, everything else – from accomodation on the huts to “catering”, hotel bookings in the cities and transfers – were perfectly organized by Iulian. On top of that, Iulian did not stop with delivering the tour: his services also included individual restaurant recommendations for the cities, checking train connections etc.

Iulian picked us up at the airport and started the first day with a city tour through Sibiu and a nice dinner in a Romanian restaurant. The next Morning, the transfer to the mountains started to the Fagaras mountains. The hikes were perfectly planned, very well suited to our idea of the tour and adapted to our speed and physical condition. While we enjoyed the scenery, Iulian proved to be a competent, experienced and also flexible mountain guide, who always gave us a very secure and comfortable feeling.

Moreover, we learned from him a great deal about people and the country. Milking a water buffalo (!) and visiting a mill in a small village were a very individual and unique insight into parts of Romanian country life.

Thanks very much for the perfect and unforgettable holiday! We will definitely return for the next tour…

Karin, Martin, Sandra and Tobi from Hamburg, Germany – July 2010 – photos here