My trip was a mountaineering trip over 5 days

My wife bought this trip for me for Christmas and for my wife it was an importance that I could travel with a guide where trust and personality were the key words. And I must say that it was as she hoped.

Before I even arrived, I have had a long and positive dialogue with Iulian, who even offered to lend me some equipment that i needed. I received lots of good advice and I felt very well prepared to be alone in Romania.

The tour, which included only me, took place under great conditions because we were lucky with the weather. Iulian, who is also an amateur photographer, took lots of good pictures, so I had plenty of pictures with me in them when I got home. After a few days, I unfortunately injured my foot, so we just changed the plans, depending on what I could do and wanted to. This would not be possible with established travel companies, and it shows the flexibility that this guide have. You really talk with Iulian, and he reminds you that it’s your trip and your experience.

At the houses where we stayed, it was like going to a distant relative, and it is clearly preferable to a hotel. The rooms are the same as on a 3-star hotel, but otherwise it’s like being in someone’s warm home. Be prepared for the care and kindness of all Romanians. They are amazing helpful, caring and humorous. Also in the big cities.

Iulian gave me a constant sense of security because he knows all the mountains, and takes your level into account. Additionally, he has a great historical knowledge of the country, why he is a good guide anywhere. He really goes beyond the obligation as a guide, so I felt that I traveled with a friend and not a guide. I’ll come back one day, both to travel with Iulian, but also to meet the lovely and inspiring people and see the beautiful scenery.

Jan Swensson, Roskilde, Denmark – February 2012 – photos here