Long distance hike in Transylvania

I meet Mike few years ago, when he ask me to organize a 2 days tour in Fagaras mountains, climbing Moldoveanu peak, the highest in Romanian mountains! We climb the peak on 2 days, from Victoria town via Tarata ridge and Podragu hut, and we descend very fast on Vistea Mare valley. It was a really really nice tour, and I like the speed of the tour!

Few weeks ago I meet Mike again, and we traverse Piatra Mare mountains, in vicinity of Brasov, starting from Dambul Morii, over Piatra Mare peak, and finishing our tour on  Predeal town ski slopes, after a hike of 25 km…The weather was on our side, so we really enjoy the tour! I’ll meet Mike again in middle of June for 2 days tour in Fagaras mountains!
Enjoy the photos!

Iulian Cozma


My recent hike (May 2010) with Iulian will certainly be one I remember.  He arranged and accompanied me on a one day 25km hike up over Piatra Mare which offered me a challenge, incredible scenery, a couple of places to stop along the way.  This was my second hike with Iulian and I intend to use his guide services for many more.  He is
able to guide through well-planned routes that I would not be able to find on my own. Iulian chose this route based on my ability, schedule, and desire to see certain areas.  His services are professional and his personality made the entire expedition a pleasure. The mountains of Romania are Iulian’s home and it’s clear that he enjoys sharing the beauty of the area to others.

Michael Eubanks, May 2010



Nice to see these! They capture the scenery well … but not the bear 😉 Maybe next time.

Claudia Henzler

Dear Iulian,
thanks for the beautiful pictures and update. The trails you do look gorgeous and I hope that there will be an opportunity to do a trek with you in the future.
Greetings from Vienna, Austria

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