Hiking in Romania, hiking in Transylvanian Apls

At middle of September I was guiding Trudy and John on Fagaras mountains, for a classic tour in Transylvanian Alps: climbing the top three highest peaks, Moldoveanu 2544 m, Negoiu 2535 m and Vistea Mare 2527 m high.

They came here from Virginia, USA, to visit a friend in a small village near Turda, and they have some days free for a tour!
We were very lucky with the weather, and our tour goes very well, as you may see on the photos below!

Kind regards,
Iulian Cozma

As many others have said, Iulian provides an excellent program, and we had a great hike. We can not really say enough. One added note: many in the USA are not used to paying for a guide. For those I would add that Iulian is very good at evaluating hikers and then tailoring the hike to their ability. If we had hiked on our own, we would have been too conservative in estimating the distance that we could cover, and not had as great a time.
Trudy and John Phillips, Lynchburg – Virginia – USA

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