Fagaras ridge traverse, andurance hiking in Romania

Fagaras ridge traverse, andurance hiking in Romania

I’m not sure how to say this, but sometimes words are not enough to describe the pleasure of meeting some people or, even more, taking tours on the mountains with them. I was speechless after I met Arnon and crossed most of the Fagaras ridge with him, in just two days. I did this tour many times before, not as fast as now, but I enjoyed it every single time! I was speechless to see how much a person can enjoy a tour like this and how much fun such a tour can be!

First, I planned this trip together with Tiberiu from Bucharest, who said he was fit enough for this tour, and after few weeks he invited Arnon. Arnon came from Israel with his family, for a holiday in Predeal and, being a sportsman, crossing the Fagaras ridge was the perfect tour for him. Well, finally Tiberiu was not able to join us for the hike (we felt a little bit betrayed), but sometimes more important things come up on the last minute. Yet, we never missed any chance to send Tiberiu live photos from our tour J

We started the tour from the Eastern side of Fagaras mountains, from Sambata Valley, and ended it at Barcaciu chalet. In kilometers this means 50 km we made in two days, hiking relaxed around 12-13 hours every day: we climbed about  4.800 m and descent around 5.200 m. This is the most recommended way to hike long tours like this one. The weather was quite friendly with us – mainly cloudy but the perfect temperature for hiking!

We started each morning around 5 AM, with a gentle warm up trail, then would take our breakfast few hours later on beautiful spots like Fereasta Mica, from Sambata, and Caltun lake, enjoying the hikes a big time!

The best moment of the hike was at the end, when we feasted ourselves with the desert from Barcaciu chalet, spuma de afine cu piscoturi (cranberries foam with) ! You can translate this yourself by going there, at Barcaciu chalet in Fagaras mountains (www.barcaciu.ro)

Arnon, even if you choose to live on the other side of the world, try to came one more time to Romania for another outstanding hike and maybe this time Tibi will join us!

Iulian, September 2013

Iulian – I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the most wonderful hike I have ever had! These full 2 days of hiking in the Fagaras ridge is going to be one of the best memories I’ll keep for the rest of my life… In these awesome, untouched terrain of 2500+ peaks (Moldoveanu, Negoiu) , surrounded by clouds, watching over breathtaking landscape, you guided me through all the way in the most professional manner! After so many years as full-time hiking-guide, you are familiar with every detail of the trails, every stone, every turn and water-stream, fully aware of the beauty and peril, and still so passionate about the work you so love! I was expecting to work hard, have tough days of walk – and got it to my full satisfaction – 13 hours walk each day, with almost 50 km, 4600 meters incline in total, nasty climbs and even nastier declines… And above all, the time with you, the talks – about everything, the sense of humor, and your wealth of knowledge, really impressed me, and made the trip mostly fulfilling!!! Thank you so much!
With honor, Arnon, Israel, August 2013 

יוליאן – אני רוצה להודות לך מעומק ליבי על הטראק הטוב ביותר שהיה לי! יומיים מלאים של מסע רגלי ברכס הפגאראש יהיה ככל הנראה אחד מהזיכרונות הטובים ביותר בחיי… על פני קרקע נפלאים ובתוליים בגובה של מעל ל-2500 מטר (כולל הפסגות המופלאות של המולדובאן, והנגויו), מוקפים בעננים, משקיפים לעבר נוף עוצר נשימה, אתה הנחית אותי כל הדרך באופן המקצועי ביותר! אחרי כל-כך הרבה שנים כמדריך הרים מוסמך, אתה מכיר כל פרט במסלול, כל אבן, כל פניה וכל נחל נסתר. מודע היטב לכל שכיית-חמדה או סכנה אפשרית, ועדיין מלא תשוקה לעסוק במקצוע אותו אתה כל-כך אוהב! ציפיתי לעבוד קשה, ‘לקרוע את התחת’ בהליכה, להזיע – וקיבלתי את מלוא מבוקשי – 13 שעות הליכה מתישות מדי יום, שכללו סה”כ מעל 50 ק”מ, ועליה מצטברת של 4600 מטר עם עליות אימתניות, וירידות אכזריות לא פחות… ומעל הכל, הזמן המשותף שבילינו ביחד, השיחות – על הכל, חוש ההומור שלך, מעיין הידע הבלתי נדלה – ממש הרשימו אותי, והפכו את המסע לחוויה מספקת בצורה יוצאת דופן!!! המון תודה! בכבוד רב, ארנון.

Arnon, Israel, August 2013

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