Dutch hikers in Romania, hiking in Fagaras mountains

Dutch hikers in Romania, hiking in Fagaras mountains

On the last years we deal quite a lot with hikers or bikers from Benelux countries. Well, I can say from the flat countries of Benelux. We were warned by Sigge to be carefully with them, because they bike and hike flat. Sometime they were very good prepared for climbs on bikes or on hikes, or sometime they were well surprised when they have to climb 1000 m in one climb. But this may happen when you travel for an active vacation. And when this active vacation happen to be in Carpathian mountains, be sure that we can find 500 or 1000 meters to climb for you. But always we manage the tours with Benelux nature lovers, so was a pleasure to meet some more of them.
On this September I was hiking, and enjoying the hike a lot, with Sjoerd and his wife Jacinta, during one week hiking in Bucegi and Fagaras mountains. Very good asphalt bikers, hungry to hike and to discover Romanian mountains.
The weather in Bucegi mountains was not so friendly, pretty cold and wet. But then, in Fagaras, we were lucky and we enjoyed 4 days of blue sky, beautiful weather and very colorful flowers.
Enjoy the photos,

We hired Julian to organize an 8 day trip for two through the Bucegi and Fagaras mountains in Romania. He did an excellent job and was very flexible when weather required a change. Julian knows every rock and every person in the area, resulting in good accommodation, food and transportation and visiting places we would otherwise not have discovered. Apart from this, Julian is a skilled photographer and his pictures and panoramas can be found in expositions in the various mountain huts. He also provided us with some very nice pictures of the two of us in this beautiful area. I would definitely recommend to hire Julian if you want to go to the Romanian mountains.
Sjoerd & Jacinta, The Netherlands

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