Estonian hikers in Romania

We, 6 Estonian women, visited Fagaras Mountains with the help of Iulian in the beginning of July. Some of us had had experience in trekking in the mountains but in general we consider ourselves amateurs. We expected many Kodak, Pentax, Canon, etc. moments and to move around the Fagaras range as much as possible. Our expectations were fulfilled, even more; we learned a very good lesson. We were preparing ourselves going to Podragu chalet (from Balea) on our third day but it was pouring and even snowing. The wind wanted to fly us back to Estonia…. Our attempt up the mountains on that day lasted 20 minutes and then we gave up and spent yet another day in Balea chalet. Thinking back, we are quite sure Iulian that you had already cancelled the hike to Podragu in your head but you simply wanted us to see the real weather and what it can do up in 2000 meters. Thanks to you, we are much smarter now when it comes to planning a trekking trip in the mountains. We are grateful for the 3 days up in the mountains and for organizing the train tickets. Your recommendation about Peles castle was really worth it. We are definitely going back to the mountains!

July 2007: Ruth, Tea, Agnes, Signe R, Signe E, Anu-Mai