Wildflowers walk in Transylvania, active family holiday in Romania

Wildflowers walking in Transylvania, active family holiday in Romania

As usual on each year I do I walk on backyard of Brasov, the high hills of Rucar Bran pass. This year I enjoyed this walk together with a Danish family, which were astonished by our nature, and not the last, by our wild flowers.
This year was something special, because until begin of July was pretty rainy, and all over we saw beautiful and interesting wild flowers.
Enjoy the photos!
Five great days in The Carpathians
We are a family from Denmark of four, including two teenagers.
This was our first trip to Romania. Thankfully, a good friend had recommended that we ask Iulian Cozma to be our guide. This turned out to be a fantastic recommendation. We had some experience in trekking, but not in mountainous regions. Already before we left for Romania Iulian gave us very good advice concerning equipment. (Especially the walking poles where a godsend). Iulian’s advice before the trip was in every way very adequate and saved us a lot of trouble
We chose a 5-day hike that began at Bran and ended at Sinaia. The trip offered very different landscapes. On the first day, we had the great opportunity of experiencing the flowering meadows of the lower hills between Bran and Moieciu de Sus. The next day we hiked in the forest and meadows around this little town, and on the third day, we walked to the mountain rescue station in Ialomita Valley. This day we also visited a sheep and cow herding station in the mountain, where we saw how the shepherds milk and manufacture cheese. This was a unique experience, which has to be seen to be believed.
On the fourth day, a member of the party had to rest, but Iulian still managed to plan the day to accommodate our familys wishes: Father and son went with Julian to the summit of Omu, while mother and daughter stayed at the rescue station, which is a great place for a stopover. Especially the rescue station’s three dogs where appreciated by the teenagers.
On the final day, we trekked to the beautiful town of Sinaia, where we took the train back to Brasov.
During out trip we have seen a multitude of flowers and wild animals (but alas no bears) which we would never see in our own country.
It was a very well planned and successful journey and we are very satisfied. Iulian also helped us with advice concerning car rental and our further trip in Transylvania, which we appreciated very much.
When we came home, we received by email Iulian’s beautiful photographs from the trip; an excellent service.
We highly recommend Iulian Cozma in all matters regarding outdoor experience in Romania.
Seerup family, Denmark

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