Burton rider in Romania

Recently, January 2003, BURTON team riders, Mikey Rencz and Donny Ellis visited Romania, accompanied by Senior photographer Jeff Webb, and Finnish Rider Tapio Kuusakoski, to do a story on Snowboarding in Romania, for Snowboard Canada Magazine. The trip was a success, and the story is amazing, here is what they had to say about this experience: ” Without Iulian Cozma, Mountainguide, our trip would have been a flop. Iulian new exactly where we needed to go, and got us there with no problems at all. Thanks to Iulian Cozma, Mountainguide, we will have an epic story for Snowboard Canada Magazine, as well as a new outlook on a country we had never visited before. The culture is so interesting and unique, and the Fagaras mountains are beautiful! This is one trip I will look forward to doing again in the future. Thanks Iulian!”

Donny Ellis,Canada, BURTON team rider, february 2003