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Active family vacation in South East Transylvania, Romania

Family vacation in Romania

A little bit of everything: some trekking in Piatra Craiului and Fagaras,  visits to Bran Castle and walks into Brasov city center, samples of authentic rural life in places like Viscri or Ucea de Sus villages, a little bit of fishing at Beclean village and Panicel resort,  a short visit to the lipizzener stud in Sambata de Jos and some riding sessions at  Popasul Craiului and at Panicel. Plenty of activities to keep a Swiss based German family  of four busy for almost ten days in the South of Transylvania.

Warm … (>>>)

Bergwandern in Siebenbürgen, Rumänien

I hiked with Monika for the 6th time in Romanian mountains on this beautiful summer! This time we hiked on the central portion of Fagaras mountains, the portion what we never hiked until now on past tours. It was as we expected, good weather, well I can say maybe to hot, and full with beautiful mountain flowers. Overall is was a wonderful tour, and we both enjoyed a lot! Our speed was also good, so we hiked in just three days from Barcaciu chalet to Victoria town, over Negoiu peak and Custura Saratii ridge. Looking forward Monika to ski with yo… (>>>)

Photo tour in Fagaras Mountains and Medieval Transylvania, Romania

Photo tour in Fagaras Mountains and Medieval Transylvania

Our very first guests from Hong Kong arrived in Romania this summer in order to see the Fagaras Mountains and some of the historical sites in the South of Transylvania. While the trekking proved to be more demanding physically and technically than anticipated, the photo opportunities where always in abundance.

Great weather up in the mountains but also at the fortified churches in Cincsor and Cincu, at the old Cistercian Monastery in Carta or at the Sambata Orthodox Monaste… (>>>)

Wandern Bergtour in Bucegi Gebirge, Süd-Karpaten in Rumänien

In der letzten Tour habe ich zwei Sachen gelernt.Eines ist, dass wenn ich alt sein werde möchte ich wie Inge Wipfler und Rudi Nuber sein. Die beiden haben mir gezeigt wie man schön alt werden kann. In Ihrem Alter wünsche ich mir auch so in die Berge laufen zu können und alles zu genießen.

Die zweite Sache ist, dass auch nach den vielen Reisen die sie überall durch die Welt unternommen haben sind Sie hier ohne Erwartungen gekommen und haben schöne Erfahrungen gesammelt und ich hoffe auch schöne Erlebnisse mitgenommen. So merke ich (wieder… (>>>)

Belgian scouts on the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu peak 2544 meters high

On the top of Romania, When Elena contacted us for a trekking tour in the Fagaras mountains I knew that if the weather will let us (and fortunately we had a great weather), it’s going to be a interesting experience for all the people involved.

Elena was leading a group of young Belgian scouts, so from the very begining I was expecting a lot of enthusiasm and so it was. During the three days we had a great time in the mountains and I know for sure they will not forget the moments when it was hard but they succed to overcome all the dificulties… (>>>)

Wild flowers walking tour in Romania, on Transylvanian hills

Traveling in the Bran region is always and I mean always, a beautiful experience. No matter how many times I have already been there, I just can’t get enough.

This time, walking with Rhys and Alexandra from Australia, we were amazed of how beautiful are the flowers, the spontaneous flora of this place. We were also very happy to walk thru virgin forests sections where anyone would expect at any time to meet the famous romanian bear, at any turn.

For me was a real pleasure to see their faces in the pine forest and while admiring all the p… (>>>)

Wandertouren in Karpaten, Süd-Ost-Siebenbürgen, Rumänien

Letztes Jahr bin ich mit Birgit und Max in Bran Gebiet gewandert. Und weil die noch mal nach Rumänien kommen wollten sind wir dieses Jahr in Piatra Mare und Bucegi Gebirge gegangen. Wieder haben wir wunderschöne Zeit miteinander verbracht in mitte des Piatra Mare Waldes, hoch beim Sfinx und bei den alte Frauen oder runter in Ialomita Tal wo wir in der Bergwachthütte übernachtet haben. Da wurde um uns sehr gut gekümmert und wir haben uns auch sehr wohl gefühlt. Bolboci See, Pestera Kloster, Ialomita Höhle, die Besichtigung einer Schaf… (>>>)

Scalata Moldoveanu picco, la cima più alta dei Carpazi rumeni

Saluti, qui di seguito potete vedere alcune foto da Giugno 2012, quando ho fatto una passeggiata nelle montagne Fagaras con 13 membri del Club Alpino Italiano da Roma. Il tempo era molto buono, e siamo stati fortunati che abbiamo scalato la vetta più alta in Romania, Moldoveanu picco.

Iulian Cozma, Giugno 2012

Complimenti alla nostra guida molto esperta e professionale che ci ha guidato per 5 giorni  tra le bellezze dei Carpazi, sui monti Faragas, fino alla vetta del Moldoveanu, la cima più alta della Romania. Iulian ha saputo anche a… (>>>)

Walking tour in rainy but beautiful Romania

You’d say rain is a major downer when going for a walking trip. Who wouldn’t prefer a nice, sunny, warm day on the trails instead of marching around, across or simply through muddy puddles, with rain falls ranging from light drizzles to heavy hail, with constantly wet shoes, clothes, etc.

Still, if you love mountains, you enjoy them no matter how the weather is. That’s exactly what we did, in the select company of seven Swedish guests that we guided through Bucegi mountains from Sinaia to Moeciu, than across Bran Cou… (>>>)

Walking tour in Transylvania, this beautiful part of Romania

Dear Iulian, Thank you so much for showing me a bit of Transylvania ,,this  beautiful  part of Romania”. We did have a wonderful time travelling with you.  It was so nice and easy to follow in your step and have all the time to look around in this great unspoiled nature.  It was wonderful to have the feeling that everything was unspoiled and basic. No other tourists.  Just like the three of us were alone in the world.  We had so much fun and we will have good memories from this trip forever. We hope we can come again to see some more, maybe going t… (>>>)