Snowshoeing in Romania, Bran county and Bucegi mountains

Snowshoeing in TransylvaniaBest time for these treking is December, January, February and March. A week-end during which you will have the opportunity to join snow trekking with snowshoes, officially known under the name of Snowshoeing, and the end of which you will feel fully energized !

During 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, you will join 2 mountain trips with snowshoes, in Moeciu de Sus – Fundata area. The duration of these tours is 4-5 hours, with a length between 5-8 km, and a level difference of maximum 350m vertical up and 350 m vertical down.

How do the snowshoes help us and why do we use them when walking on the snow ? The simplest answer is that by using snowshoes we do not sink too much in snow, making walking easier. Not to mention that due to the moves done while walking on snowshoes we improve our physical shape !

The camera might turn out to be a good friend during this week-end, that’s why we recommend you to take it with you. The tours are made in picturesque areas, with incredibly beautiful landscapes which are worth immortalizing. A mini photographic workshop will take place on Saturday evening, where one can present the photos taken on Saturday. Also we’ll try to exchange ideas on what taking photos means, about choosing a camera, or adjusting it, etc.

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