Walking on the borders of old empires

Hiking in Romanian mountains, explore the Carpathian garden

The spectacular mountain ridges of the South Carpathian Mountains, stretching from East to West on the Southern limit of Transylvania, Romania, marked the historical border between the Central European great powers and the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire.

Physical borders, as well as empires, are a thing of the past. Cultural and historical heritage, though, are still present. The German order and efficiency is nicely completed by the Oriental relaxed attitude. You can see it in the way the houses are built, streets aligned, public services provided, businesses run, or dishes prepared.

You might be aiming, when coming for hiking, trekking, mountaineering in South Transylvania, to enjoy the mountains. You will definitely do that, and so much more.

The variety of landscape, geography and geology, flora and fauna in a relative small area is simply one of a kind. If you are looking for a pure alpine, high-mountains experience, the Fagaras main ridge is here for you. If you are after some milder walks, focusing on the mind blowing diversity of alpine flowers, or maybe foraging for some delicious porcini mushroom, then the hills of the Bran Country, guarded by the Piatra Craiului National Park and the Bucegi Natural Park are the place to go. And there is Ciucaș Mountains, and Postăvaru Mountains, and the historical city of Brașov (Kronstadt), the (in)famous Bran Castle, the Fortified Churches, and so on.

We have a more than 20 years of experience organizing outdoor activities in the mountain areas of South Transylvania. In this quarter of a century we learned that all tours are custom tours, each group of people, or individual travellers have their own specifics. Being able to customize and compromise, sometimes on the go, is an ability we have built along numerous programs, be it for a weekend tour or a two-weeks traverse of the South Carpathian mountains.

Our track record speaks volumes about the diversity of people we have guided here: https://www.mountainguide.ro/en/category/testimonials/. Some of them enjoyed our services so much that they asked us to organize more extensive programs in Romania, covering Bucovina, Maramureș, and the Danube Delta, or even in the neighbouring Bulgaria and Greece.

Leave a comment below, or go to the Contact page to send us a message: we’d be happy to start discussing with you about a holiday in Romania that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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