Wild flowers walking tour in Romania, on Transylvanian hills

Traveling in the Bran region is always and I mean always, a beautiful experience. No matter how many times I have already been there, I just can’t get enough.

This time, walking with Rhys and Alexandra from Australia, we were amazed of how beautiful are the flowers, the spontaneous flora of this place. We were also very happy to walk thru virgin forests sections where anyone would expect at any time to meet the famous romanian bear, at any turn.

For me was a real pleasure to see their faces in the pine forest and while admiring all the pastures filled with flowers.

Another point which we enjoyed very much was the small pension in Poarta village, at Madame Jebac, were she’s always waiting for us with open arms and heart not to mention the very tasty meals.

Speaking with Rhys about his travel around the world and in Europe, in countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey to mention just a few of them, I realized that we still have something what many other countries don’t have anymore: wild forests, spontaneous nature, and all this in relative small areas and close to every day life. To say it a bit different, we still have nature as it should be and very close to the original meaning of the “nature” term.

During this tour I realized even more how lucky we are, still having all this here and I was also very happy to be able to share them. In the same time I understood once again how important is to really value more this treasures.

Mihai, July 2012

Thank you for such a lovely trip. Thank you for organizing such smooth transfers, information, and for providing us with a friendly guide.

It has been months since Alex and I returned from our European holiday, and still we smile with fond memories of mountains covered in flowers and berries eaten off low hanging shrubs. The tiny strawberry bush we have in our garden reminds us of the wild-berries that Mihai showed us on our walk. Although they are no where near as good. The walks that Mihai took us on were memorable. It is only now that i am preparing to print our holiday photos. The colors in the mountain photos can only be described as inspiring. It must be so different now in the midst of Winter.

I think the best food of my year was served in Madam Jebac’s quaint cottage.
Rhys and Alex, Australia

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