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Backpacking Romania, Fagaras and Bucegi mountains, Transylvanian Alps

On the past seven years, I was lucky, happy and fortunate, because on each summer was at least a person who ask about backpacking Fagaras ridge, to traverse the entire ridge of Fagaras mountains, from Piatra Craiului mountain range to Olt valley. Well, I can say that last year, with Juergen and Michael we traverse half of South Carpathian mountains, from Brasov city to Avrig town, but this is another story, you can read about it on tours report from last year.

This summer the happy backpacking hikers came from the other side of the world, f… (>>>)

Climbing highest peak in Romania, rhododendron tour in Fagaras mountains

An unusually crowded Podragu hut welcomed us mid-June for a three days escape up on the Fagaras Ridge. Together with Marga and Thomas we climbed up to Moldoveanu Peak, marching through patches of blooming rhododendrons, enjoying some marvelous views and nice weather. It was a surprise to see so many trekkers up the mountain so early in the season. Most of them were from outside Romania, coming from France, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Israel. Apart from the staff working at the Podragu hut and some shepherds scattered along the trail… (>>>)

Traveler to Romania, walking in Transylvania and Maramures counties

Traveler to Romania, walking in Transylvania and Maramures counties What is meaning to travel to Romania? Why to travel to Romania? I try to answer to the second question first. I hear so many times this question, why you go there for hiking, mountain biking or for ski touring? Is a country with not a very good reputation, in East Europe, etc… but I can say that the reality is very different from what the travelers expect before they arrive! And this is the good part. They find here what they wish for, nice hiking, biking or ski tours, g… (>>>)

Rumäniens Landschaft während einer Wandertour im Gebirge Siebenbürgens bewundern

Anja ist zum 2. Mal ins Rumänische Gebirge gekommen und hat eine unvergessliche Tour gehabt. Das erste Mal war Sie im September 2012. Damals haben wir einen großen Teil des Kammes der Fagaras Gebirge, die Alpen Siebenbürgens, durchquert. Beendet haben wir die Wanderung in der Nähe der Berghütte Barcaciu, wo wir Preiselbeeren direkt vom Strauch gegessen haben. Dieses Jahr haben wir die Tour mit dem Überqueren des Piatra Mare Gebirges begonnen. Aus der Nähe der Stadt Brașov, ging es bis an den Fuß des Bucegi Gebirges, in das Bergdorf P… (>>>)

Walking in Piatra Craiului National Park, Romania

With Iulian away to study the effect of the global warming on the ski touring activities in Switzerland, I had the honor to open the 2013 hiking season at Together with Anne and Martha, we enjoyed mild weather and quiet trails in Bran County, through the Zărnești Gorges, the villages of Peștera, Șirnea, Fundata and Moeciu de Sus. As you can tell from the photos.

În lipsa lui Iulian, plecat în Elveția să studieze efectul încălzirii globale asupra schiului de tură în Elveția, mi-a revenit mie onoarea de a deschide sezo… (>>>)

Reisenotizen aus Siebenbürgen

Reisenotizen aus Siebenbürgen A report from a tour with Dr. Zauke & family, from Germany. An interesting view of a walking tour in Romania from a interesting person.

Enjoy reading, Iulian

Im August 2012 reisten wir nach Rumänien, um unsere Tochter Claudia zu besuchen, die mit 30 Wandergesellen in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) für einen Monat gearbeitet hat. Rumänien war für uns ein weißer Fleck auf der Reiselandkarte. Hermannstadt wurde um 1150 von Siedlern aus Gebieten links des Rheins gegründet. Sie wurden Sachsen genannt, nach de… (>>>)

Haute route of Carpathian mountains, traverse of 7 mountains in Romanian Carpathians

It was a tour like not other! In 11 days we hiked ~230 km, we climbed 12.000 meters and we descent 12.000 meters. Yes, in Romanian Carpathian mountains! And we hiked in wild mountains, where we meet just shepherds, sheep and dogs, and as usualy just few persons.

Juergen and Michael came from Germany, with a only wish: to do a traverse of Carpathian mountains in Romania, and we did it!

I hiked all of this mountains many times, but not in row, so also was really pleasure for me to do this tour! We stay in mountain huts, mountain refuge and tents! W… (>>>)

Hiking in Carpathian garden, Romanian mountains

Sometimes less is more, even in mountaineering Every now and then we have guests that overestimate their abilities – or underestimate the difficulties of the Romanian trails high up in the mountains. The altitudes here are not as impressive as in the Alps or the Dolomite mountains (the main ridges are just above 2000m with highest peaks barely scratching the 2500m limit), but the vertical drops from the valleys to the main ridges are more or less similar, with equally demanding trails. We are proud to say that we never let that sp… (>>>)

Bergwandern in Rumänien Karpaten

Wenn eine Touristengruppe aus dem Süd Tirol ein anderes Wander-Reiseziel als die Dolomiten auswählt, dann denke ich, dass Dieses etwas Besonderes an sich haben muss. Und wenn manche von den Gästen auch ein zweites Mal an denselben Ort zurückkommen, dann müssen die Berge wirklich etwas an sich haben. Dies, weil die Dolomiten fast alles bieten, was man sich als Bergsteiger wünschen könnte.

Und so haben sich manche von meinen Gästen entschieden auch ein zweites Mal in die Rumänischen Karpaten zu kommen um wandern zu gehen. Ich habe au… (>>>)

Walking in countryside of Romania, trekking tours in Carpathian mountains

“Hello Iulian, I have been on your website several times and I must admit I am very amazed by the scenery of the Romanian countryside. It is awesome. I am from Canada and I am seriously thinking about taking a hiking trip to Romania with my whole family. Robin” Like this was starting my conversation with Robin from Canada, early on May 2012, about a walking tour in Romanian countryside! And they came in early October for a walking tour in Romania! As you may see on the photos below, we enjoyed a great weather during our walki… (>>>)