Unspoilt mountain territory

You can still find unspoilt mountain territory in Europe, where ski touring, split-boarding, free-ride skiing and snowshoeing can be done on pure wild slopes, without ski lifts, high alpine roads or parking lots in sight.

Grab your gear and come for a winter outdoor adventure up in the Carpathian Mountains, South Transylvania, Romania.

The mountains around Brasov historical city offer great opportunities both for the relaxed ski tourers, and the more adventurous free-ride skiers. There are easy to moderate slopes in Bucegi Mountains or Ciucas Mountains, and more demanding winter setups in Fagaras Mountains. Snowshoeing and also Nordic skiing is possible on the Bucegi High Plateau, amid the idyllic mountain villages of the Bran Country, or through the wonders of the Piatra Craiului National Park.

The delicate balance between the best and the safest snow is always the key to a good trip. Going with a guide that actually knows the local terrain like the insides of his pockets is a must, especially in winter time. Iulian Cozma has a more than 20 years’ experience in exploring the local mountains in winter. He is the one to show you where to find the best, and safest snow, every week of the cold season. The ability to change the itinerary depending on local snow conditions and weather is something one builds in years of observing how and where snow deposits are formed, etc.

After all, we all want to taste the best snow and get home safe, to tell the story.

We can organise week-long tours, or weekend escapes, collecting you and your winter gear from the airport upon arrival and dropping you off for the flight home at the end of the tour, with everything covered in between: accommodation, meals, guiding, etc.

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