Japanese senior hikers on Moldoveanu Peak

More and more Asian tourists are coming to Romania, you see them roaming the historical cities of Brasov and Sibiu, or queuing for a visit at Bran Castle or Peles Castle. Up the mountains, however, it’s a rather different story. Or at least it was, till this summer, when a consistent group of Japanese hikers came to Romania for a longer tour, including the historical milestones mentioned above, but also trekking in Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains.

It was our job and honor to guide the group up to the highest point of Romania, on Moldoveanu Peak in Fagaras Mountains. We enjoyed some brilliant summer weather, gorgeous landscapes, but what we will not forget is the resilience, the stamina, the good humor, the modesty, the imposing humble attitude of a group of hikers that were, on average, about 70 years old. A true inspiration for us, and we hope this trip will inspire other Japanese hikers to come to Romania.

Horia and Mihai, August 2018

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