Mountain biking in the Transylvanian Alps, Romania

Mountain biking in the Transylvanian Alps, Romania

It was a long wait, but totally worth it. Scheduled to take place in June 2020, the Transylvanian Alps tour with a small group of brave Belgian mountain bikers finally happened in September 2021. Ciucaș, Baiului, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains offered us some unforgettable days.

The Covid pandemic might have dramatically changed the world around us, but the mountains are as beautiful as ever. The Carpathians offer some unique combination of pure alpine territory, vast areas with little to no now human presence. And loads of incredible mountain biking natural trails.

Check out the photos and the video edit, they might inspire you to come over for your next mountain biking adventure!

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September 2021

Mark: “We have already done 12 MTB trips through Europe. And for me Bucegi was one of the most beautiful trails of all!! “

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