Hiking in Fagaras Mountains, Romania, Moldoveanu Peak

Manfred’s father is from Romania, from a Transylvanian village in the Hartibaci valley. Manfred has been to visit his grandparents in Romania several times and now he has decided to climb the highest peak in the Romanian Carpathians, Moldoveanu, in June 2022.

June can be a bad month for mountain hiking, it can rain, even snow, but we were lucky, having a beautiful weather during the 3 days we spent together at Cabana Podragu.

We climbed the Arpas valley, together with Dani from Sibiu, and the donkeys carrying supplies to the Turnuri and Podragu huts, the latter of which opened on the day of our climb.

It was quite an experience, helping with everything we needed to open the Podragu hut for the summer of 2022.

Unfortunately, as usual, we were the only customers at the lodge, and on the peak day, we didn’t meet any other hikers.

This is the charm of hiking in the Fagaras Mountains, good weather, few or no tourists!

June 2022

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