Photo tour in Fagaras Mountains and Medieval Transylvania, Romania

Photo tour in Fagaras Mountains and Medieval Transylvania

Our very first guests from Hong Kong arrived in Romania this summer in order to see the Fagaras Mountains and some of the historical sites in the South of Transylvania. While the trekking proved to be more demanding physically and technically than anticipated, the photo opportunities where always in abundance.

Great weather up in the mountains but also at the fortified churches in Cincsor and Cincu, at the old Cistercian Monastery in Carta or at the Sambata Orthodox Monastery. Some very tranquil rural life in Ucea de Sus, with gorgeous food and idyllic sunsets at the foothills of Fagaras Mountains.

Our friends were the kind who enjoyed approaching new places and people with an open heart and mind and with plenty of patience. They were still shooting slide film, something that tends to become more and more obsolete in a day and age when everything needs to be fast and digital. Not all the time, as Jo and Yeung thoroughly demonstrated in five days of immersion into this hot Romanian summer.

Horia Marusca, July 2012

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