Belgian scouts on the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu peak 2544 meters high

On the top of Romania,
When Elena contacted us for a trekking tour in the Fagaras mountains I knew that if the weather will let us (and fortunately we had a great weather), it’s going to be a interesting experience for all the people involved.

Elena was leading a group of young Belgian scouts, so from the very begining I was expecting a lot of enthusiasm and so it was.
During the three days we had a great time in the mountains and I know for sure they will not forget the moments when it was hard but they succed to overcome all the dificulties and the fatigue and reached the Top of Romania on Moldoveanu Peak, the highest peak in Romania.
We also did a small part of the Fagaras Ridge, very spectacular, between Podragu and Balea Hut and once again I’m sure the Fagaras Mountains left a very strong impression on this young Scouts.
After the tour in the mountains they spend another few days in Brasov and afterwards they went to the Black See where I hope they enjoyed a very well deserved vacation.
I hope to see you soon in the mountains,
Mihai, July 2012

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