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Hello, Let me introduce myself, my name is Iulian Cozma and I would like to share some data about me so that you get to know me better. I was born in Fagaras town, in 1975 at the feet of Fagaras mountains, and I spent my childhood at my grandparents, in Ucea de Sus village, also at the feet of Fagaras mountains. Iulian Cozma

I am an engineer, by profession, I graduated the Electrotehnics Faculty of Brasov in 1999. I have been a member of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association since 1996, and starting with 1999 a member of the Climbing and Mountaineering Federation. In the autumn of 1997, I began, together with the colleagues from RMGA the first course of Professional Mountain Guides, which we finished in 1998, thus becoming the first promotion of Romanian Mountain Guides, accredited by all qualified organizations. Now, I am a member of RMGA, in the past also being the President and General Secretary.

I have been going in the mountains since childhood, my father, a mountain passionate taking me with him everytime he had the occasion. I was introduced to the real moutain trip and the real mountaineering during the first years of university when I became a member of CPNT Brasov and for a short while an active member in mountaineering department of CSU Brasov. Every year, since 1996, together with my colleagues from RMGA I made numerous tours in Fagaras, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului Mountains and other mountains of Romania. The most important tours were done during winter time, amongst them being some northern ridges from Fagaras mountains like Dragus, Buteanu, Albota, Vistea, Zanoaga, and the famous ridge Virtopel-Arpasel. I have been practicing skiing since 1988, and until 1995 I participated at the ski competitions in the Meridionali Carpathians Cup which used to take place in Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Fagaras Mountains. I have been doing this job, of professional mountain guide, since 1999, when I led the first group of tourists in Fagaras Mountains. That tour was on the following route : Vistea Mare Valey – Moldoveanu peak – Podragu Cottage, the second day Podragu Cottage – Tarata ridge – Victoria city. Since then, I have been organizing and leading more and more groups on mountain trips, ski touring or mountain tours combined with cultural visits. On average I spend 180 days in the mountains, in all seasons.

You can find here impressions of people for whom I organized mountain tours and with whom I crossed Romania’s mountains. With an experience of over 14 years in guiding groups of tourists and planning mountain tours, I am offering you services which cover all range of mountain activities : trekking and hiking, ski touring, off the slopes skiing, having the possibility to include in all programs visits at different cultural objectives which are on our way. As you go along visiting this site, you will be able to find some proposals for mountain tours and other pieces of information which I believe are useful when going on the mountains. If there are specific things you want to find out about the mountains or if you have any suggestions about the site, and about the mountains, of course, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Name: Iulian Cozma
Mobile Phone: +4 0 744 327 686
E-mail: contact@mountainguide.ro
Web page: www.mountainguide.ro

• Administrator of my own tourism agency: “Iulian Cozma – Outdoor Adventures”.
• Professional mountain guide (mountain tours including hiking and trekking, alpine ski and ski touring, cultural sightseeing tours in Romania’s historical centers, specialized consulting services, etc.).
Professional objective: Promoting and sustaining the romanian tourism, by offering a variety of tours in the mountains, both during the summer and the winter season.

• Transilvania University, Brasov: majoring in Electrotechnics (graduated: 1999).
• Profile studies in the field of mountain tourism: Course qualification and expertise at being a Professional Mountain Guide, organized and certified by the Romanian Mountain Guide Association (RMGA), together with the Romanian Ministry of Tourism (the class of 1998).
• Management Certificate in Tourism – issued by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism

Professional background in tourism:
• 14 years of activity in the field of mountain tourism
• since 1996 active member of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association
• since 1998 holder of the Professional Mountain Guide Certificate
• since 1999 member of the Romanian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation
• 2001- 2003 President and General Secretary of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association (RMGA)
• 2007 – present; Public Relations Manager for the RMGA
• 2001 – Founder and Administrator of the privately owned agency for mountain tourism: “Iulian Cozma – Outdoor Adventures” (license nr.: A4184, issued by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism).
• 2003 – 2005: Administrator of the “Valea Sambetei” chalet (located at 1407m altitude, in the Fagaras mountains).
• 1999 – present; Activities: Organizing and participating at various profile events (i.e. trekking, hiking, mountain marathons, raising waste in high altitude areas with volunteers, interviews for televised documentaries on subjects such as nature, tourism and mountaineering (aired on PRO TV channel), several slide show presentations about the Romanian Carpathians (at the “Reduta” Cultural Center in Brasov), exhibiting panoramic photographs at various international tourism fairs (i.e.in Germany and England), writing and publishing nature-bound articles in newspapers and magazines (such as “Jurnalul National”, “KNOX”, etc.).

Foreign languages:
• English – advanced level (written and spoken)
• Italian – medium level in speaking

Leisure activities:
• Photography as passion and art.

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