We spent three memorable days in the city of Brasov and Fagaras Mountains this summer

Our share was to select these places, all the remaining was taken care by Iulian. He actively proposed the time schedules and chose the hiking paths which fitted perfectly to our expectations and to the level of our ability. This must indicate superb guide skills. Iulian is also an inexhaustible source of knowledge what comes to the local region and the whole Romania. We also noted that he is an excellent photographer. Iulian took pictures all along the hiking trip and created from the pictures an enjoyable diary telling the twists and turns of our hiking tour. Iulian is really warm-hearted and friendly. We also take the opportunity to say that Carpathian Mountains constitute an excellent region for outdoor activities. The mountains and the small historical Transylvanian cities and the rapidly developing capital Bucharest will certainly attract more and more visitors. It is not only the beauty of the landscape and country but also the mixture of centuries-long cultural influences that will impress the visitor in Romania.

Marja Bruun and Lauri Toivonen, Helsinki, Finland – July 2008 Fagaras Mountains trekking