Walking tour in Carpathians, Bucegi mountains, Romania

Maybe the mountains are the same as last weekend, but the weather, the clouds and the hikers make the difference as always. This weekend, 26-27 November, I was traversing Bucegi mountains with Beth, Carmen, Marc and Catalin, on a easier but challenging route. We hiked on the plateau of Bucegi mountains from Babele cable car station to Omu peak the highest peak in Bucegi mountains, enjoying the views which surround us wherever we look, because the weather was one more time on our side.

I left Brasov early morning, the clouds were the same for the last 2 weeks, almost not hope for good weather or blue sky. But arriving near Bucegi mountains, in Busteni town, all my worries disappear, the sky was blue all over I was looking.

Reaching Omu peak we saw the beautiful sea of clouds which cover Transylvania hills, until 1500-1600 meters high, and we realize one more time how lucky we are. We did the hike on proper timing, despite the wind and quite low temperatures.

Sunday we felt how is hiking in the clouds, because our hike end at 1000 m high in Moeciu de Sus village, great place to be.

Enjoy the photos,
Iulian Cozma, 28 November 2011

Whaat a journey….Două zile concentrate, in care am ramas fascinata de ce frumuseti ascund Bucegii nostri. Daca in prima zi m-am simit ca o pasare, mergand aproape de nori, cu soarele in ochi si vantul de la Omu pe la urechi, iar seara am mancat mai bine ca la mama, a doua zi am pornit grabiti, si dupa 4 ore de urcat si mult coborat prin padurea de brazi, am iesit la dealurile cernite ale Moeciului de Sus, iar vacutzele, prietenele lui Iulica, ne-au dat binetze din talaga…
Un traseu sublim, dar si vremea a fost de partea noastra…
Multumim Iuli
Carmen si Catalin, Bucuresti, Noiembrie 2011

A great itinerary. We started by taking the Cable car from Busteni to Babele. There we made a big loop passing thru Omu Peak and arriving after 8 hours in Pestera. The sun was bright and the scenary was incredible with the clouds in the valley. In some parts it was like walking on the clouds. Iulian had arranged for us a good stop for the night in the National Salvamont School in Pestera where we recoverd with a good meal. The second day was very nice as well since the landscape had turned white with the night frost. We arrived in Moeciu tired but happy. Next time will be in winter with snow shoes!!
Beth and Marc Desenfans, Bucharest

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