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Recharging batteries on a hiking weekend in Bucegi and Bran Country

Every now and then (and there is quite a big gap between now and then) we get the chance to hike with fellow Romanians. It gets a little bit weird in the beginning, as we are much more used to speak English than Romanian, but we adapt easy to any situation :).

Hikers tend to be friendly, open minded people, with plenty of stories to share. This time was no different, and the ever changing scenery of the Bran Country and the Bucegi Natural Park can only  add to the atmosphere. Starting in a green and sunny Moeciu de Sus, going up to the last patches o… (>>>)

Rumäniens Landschaft während einer Wandertour im Gebirge Siebenbürgens bewundern

Anja ist zum 2. Mal ins Rumänische Gebirge gekommen und hat eine unvergessliche Tour gehabt. Das erste Mal war Sie im September 2012. Damals haben wir einen großen Teil des Kammes der Fagaras Gebirge, die Alpen Siebenbürgens, durchquert. Beendet haben wir die Wanderung in der Nähe der Berghütte Barcaciu, wo wir Preiselbeeren direkt vom Strauch gegessen haben. Dieses Jahr haben wir die Tour mit dem Überqueren des Piatra Mare Gebirges begonnen. Aus der Nähe der Stadt Brașov, ging es bis an den Fuß des Bucegi Gebirges, in das Bergdorf P… (>>>)

Challenging hiking in Romania, Bucegi mountains

I meet Mike almost three years ago, when he asked me for another challenging tour in Romanian mountains, climbing Moldoveanu peak, our highest peak, in just two days. Usually when somebody ask about this type of tour, are two options: very well prepared for hiking, or didn’t know exactly how are Fagaras mountains. Well, Mike do not disappoint me, and he’s part of the first option, very well prepared for hiking, in fact he’s a Marathon runner. So three years ago we were just fast and happy (not furious like the movie) t… (>>>)