Ski touring in Romania

We will never forget our wonderful trip to the Carpathains thanks to Iulian. We stayed four days with him, and he prepared everything in a way that our ski tours with him were perfect. We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed every minute we stayed together. He is a perfect Mountain Guide with an incredible knowledge of every single mountain, but he is much more than that: He is is a great cook, he can prepare nice and different plans plans adapted to the fitness of everybody, he even became my backpack porter when he felt I was too tired, and most of all, he offers a sincere friendship. We will always remember the long conversations we held with him on the Simbata Chalet, after a ski tour day.When we were back from the montains, he kindly arranged accomodation for us in a very nice private house in Brassov, took us for dinner here and there, gave us information about trains and buses schedules, proposed day trips… In general, thanks to Iulian, we had the opportunity of visiting a much real Romania, as without him, it would have been impossible for us to find the nice places he took us to, out any Travel Guide.Back in Madrid, we feel that Romania is worth several visits as it has so many things to offer. So far away from us, but so close in the heart. Having Iulian as a guide and as a friend, we are planning now another trip for summer treks. Congratulations Iulian for your good job!

María del Pino Bartolomé. Spain, January 2002