Ski mountaineering in Romania, Bucegi and Fagaras mountains

Ski mountaineering in Romania, Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains 05-11.03.2012

If I would say that this week was perfect, I’d lie. Not all the days were sunny, and not everywhere we had the best snow. I had even lost a few good photo shots, but behind all this the tour was nearly perfect.

I met them at the Airport and from the first look I knew that all of them will all be good, very good. Their Latin blood and the very relaxed way of being helped very much to what was about to come: A dream week.

First day on the mountain was used mainly to reach our hut and there we were very welcomed with our hosts giving noting but the best to make us happy. We arrived pretty early so we decided to have a few runs in this area to test the snow on this part of the mountain. We skinned up to the Strungile Mici Peak  wich was about to change his name for the next few days because we were about to come more than 3 times on it and each time the descend from this peak was a thrill. And so his new name became Familly Peak.

The next night brought some of the dreamed powder but also a bit of fog. In spite of this  we had our part of fun and adventure. Some on powder, some on a very uneven substrate. The last descend with just a few members of the group made as promise that we would come back on the Familly peak.

Our tour to Omu peak was a very nice one and the very good weather gave us the chance, beside skiing also to enjoy the landscape. In the evening, tired but happy, we celebrate The Women day-8 March, witch our host prepared for the women of the group in a very nice and kind manner..

Last day in Bucegi mountains was a special one. The descend from the Family Peak was the happening of every skiers dream. If this is not the freedom then I don’t know what can be. Each one of us find his own line on the way to happiness. After this we went to Moeciu to take the Bus to Fagaras Mountains but not before admiring the lanscape towards Piatra Craiului Mountains and also back towards Bucegi Mountains. In the evening we arrived to Balea and the weather seemed to promise us great days here.

In the morning we realized that the weather was playing with us a bit and the day was from time to time, foggy. The snow was also having a bit of crust but all of this couldn’t take away the joy of skiing, first in the Lady Valley, and after this on the south part of the mountains which we reached by walking thru the tunnel. This was also an interesting experience 🙂

Another last run from Lady Pass made us come to the hut with a very large smile on our faces 🙂

Last day the weather became just perfect to makes all of us wishing to come back in this area.

This way finished an almost perfect week.  And during this week my new Spanish and French friends reminded me that more than the weather in the mountains, important are the people around you, to have a great time.

Thank you my friends for giving me the chance to get to know you and to enjoy your company.

Mihai, March 2012

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