Rhododendron hiking tour in Fagaras mountains


I was hiking for the first time on Dragus north ridge with my father, back on summer on summer of 1988… and I still have good memories! We start our hike from Breaza village, on the old border between Austro-Hungarian empire and Romania, climbing up to Traznita cliffs on Cataveiu ridge, and descending from Cheia Bandei peak to Valea Sambetei hut.

I remember that was a strong rainy day, and we slept on the corridor of Sambata valley, on some wet mattresses…. Was not a easy hike, and was not a easy night for a teenager of 14 years old, but I survived:)

On the next days we climb the steep path who lead us to Racorele valley on Dragus ridge, and I was amazed by the colors of the flowers, the same rhododendrons witch was on bloom period more then 20 years ago!

Since then, each time when I want to show to others how beautiful can be this mountain flowers, I’m returning there! And I think was worth, because as you see, I’m returning there with pleasure!

On 2009, on June, I was up the with Michele Blanc from Salon de Provence, France, and her friends! And we had a very nice hiking tour, on the same beautiful landscape, surrounded by the beautiful rhododendrons!

This year I had the chance to be there with Beth, Marc and Mike, mountain lowers, who work and live in Bucharest. And out tour was fulfilled with really good weather, and with the flowers on bloom as is rare to find anywhere else in Fagaras mountains!

Bottom of the line, Fagaras mountains offer incredible hikes and views, during year around, but if you can hike on the rhododendrons blooming period you’ll be very nice surprised!

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After a very nice experience with Iulian in May where we discovered Omu Peak in the Bucegi mountains we decided this time to go hiking in the Fagaras Mountains on 19th&20th of June.

It is the best period because all Rhododendrons are blossoming and the top of the hills turn red. We slept on Friday in Brancoveanu Monastery and on Saturday morning we moved up from 800m to 2100m on the North Dragus ridge. The climb was tough but the scenery on the top with all the trees blossoming was worth all the efforts.We had a great lunch next to a stream before to start our descend to the Salvamont Hut on Valea Sambatei. At the end we had been covering a distance of 15km, walking up 1300m and walking down 800m.We had a great dinner with the Salvamont team before to rest under our blankets while the rain was pouring outside. In the morning the weather had improve enough and we walked down the Sambata Valley along the river to go back to the monastery.

All in all a great experience witch I recommend to anyone who wants to discover this unique scenery of the Fagaras mountains covered by red Rhododendron flowers.

Beth and Marc Desenfans, June 2010

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