Polish hiker in Romania

Moldoveanu 10.06.2004, Piatra Craiului 31.03.2006. It was my second meeting with Julian. The first one was in June 2004, I was determinate to hiking to Moldoveanu and I had only two days to do it (break in the business trip). First of all I fall in sleep (it happened first time in my live) and we lost the train but it wasn’t a problem because Julian found another way of transportation. During the first day of tracking we had a very nice weather conditions but during the evening started to rain, during the night an early morning next day it was even worst – thunder storm. I couldn’t stop to think how I can get the plane next day in Bucharest. But for luck at 8th morning the weather conditions improved a little beat that we were able to leave the mountain house. Finally the Julian arrange even the sun at the pick but we pay the bill on the way back visibility was maximum 10m and strong rain came again. I really don’t know how he found the right way. Directly from the mountains we went to the railway station. In this was thanks Julian experience I realized my plan. This year I haven’t any plan when I called to Julian, he suggested ski-tour trip. It was great idea. When I was waiting for boarding (four hours) I checked the weather forecast. It wasn’t good. First think which happened when I arrived to Sibiu was SMS message from Julian that he is in the mountains and there is a big snowstorm. Finally we decided to make a one day trip to Piatra Craiului mountains and next day try to ski. Due to fact that the weather condition still was not stability the second day we also went for walk. Julian showed me same historical places – Castle Peles property of first King of Romania in Sinaia. I would like to say that even if the weather condition are not good Julian is able to arrange the program which satisfied everyone. If you decide to visit Romania, what I strongly recommended, the best way is do it with Julian helps.

Mariusz Wojtczak, Poland, march 2006