Out of the comfort zone, mountain biking in Transylvania, Romania

Out of the comfort zone, mountain biking in Transylvania, RomaniaThis week was one of a different kind. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect weather for mountain biking but it was perfect to create memories that will last. Cold, snow technical problems… We had it all. That was the difficult part but – and there is a big BUT. In the same time with giving us trouble all this difficulties gave us also the chance to stand and deal with ourselves and nature. The wheels were spinning and the weather too. From sun to rain. From rain to snow. Again Sun with teeth and again clouds. The pedals are still pushed and the wheels are still spinning. One team is riding on the mountain and the other one is finding logistical solutions to our unexpected technical  problems. Clock is ticking. And so are we… Adrenaline made us forget about cold feet and wind blowing in the face. It was hard but it was beautiful and special. It was a week in a million… Thank you guys for being with you on the mountain. It was a pleasure and an honor.

Thank you Iulian/Mountainguide.ro and Horia/mtbtours.ro for facing the logistical challenges providing support and creating conditions to be good and competitive. We are a great team and very flexible. Challenges makes us better. We are good in what we’re doing and we are doing it with love and passion for our job. I was happy and proud with my both teams  and my job that I love which give me the opportunity to show the real Romania with it’s people and to bring joy in our guests eyes and hearts.

Mihai, September 2014

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