Israeli walking trip in Romania

We just returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania: A special, enchanting walking trip that was created especially for us, custom-made to our measurements. We saw and did everything we had planned, we walked in the mountains and the forests, through amazing landscapes, roving between alpine cabins, shepherds’ huts, and farms, tasted everything the country has to offer, visited castles and picturesque villages, and most of all – experienced the beauty and wonder of nature in the Carpathians through our feet.
None of this would have been possible with such perfection without our guide, Iulian Cozma.
Even at the planning stage we were impressed by Iulian’s patient responses to our endless stream of questions, and his willingness to tweak the itinerary repeatedly until everyone was happy. On the trip itself, Iulian proved to be nothing short of an amazing guide: attentive to our physical abilities, flexible, and spontaneous, with endless alternatives up his sleeve. He was reliable, always precise, carefully attending to the smallest detail, never missing anything. He clearly knew every path, village, and hilltop intimately. He was a storehouse of information on history and culture, and gave us clear explanations on all topics, having an answer for almost any question that we had, and most of all – Iulian is a pleasant, personable companion and a confident, professional guide. It was the ultimate vacation to be able to rely on him completely.
We had a wonderful trip, with an outstanding guide. If you are planning a trip to Romania, don’t think twice about contacting him.
Renee Hochman and friends, June 2014

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