Hiking with nos amis Belges, Transylvania, Romania

Hiking with nos amis Belges, Transylvania, RomaniaHow many times did we say to our old classmates or childhood friends, on those rare occasion we see them: “You know what? We should do that more often. We should do something together regularly, like we used to”. And we don’t, because we are all too damn busy.

Well, some people actually do that. We’ve guided Swedes who were making yearly trips around the world with friends they made more than 30 years earlier. We’ve shown the wanders of Bran Country to a group of Belgians in their early thirties who already had a strong tradition of hiking with childhood friends.

This year we had the pleasure to spend five magical days with five friends from Brussels, who where only at their second “old friends’ escape”. We climed Piatra Mare on an epic day, we moved in Bucegi to trekk on some late spring snow, we admired the breathtaking scenery on the crests above the mountian villages Simon, Moeciu de Sus, Bran. A light version of the “Hangover” movie, with some rain, some nice weather, good food, great landscape, a reasonable amount of alcohol to keep us all in a good mood and always ready to sing a song (no matter how badly).

Enjoy the photos,
Horia, April 2014

We were 5 men looking for some trekking adventure, and this is where we found it.
The whole experience has been a success, the organization, our mountain guide Horia (excellent man!) and the trek in itself was just excellent. The Carpathians are stunning mountains, with very different landscapes as you move from an area to another over the days.
We’ll be back some day, that is for sure. And it will be with this organization: mountainguide.ro
Thanks Iulian and Horia.
The Belgian bunch!

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