Hiking vacation in Fagaras mountains and Ucea de Sus village

Omer, Ray, Or and Oran came to Romania form Israel to hike in the Fagaras Mountains. And some epic hiking they did: they were faced with harder physically and more challenging technically trails than they anticipated (or expected), but what they lacked in specific mountain skills (and gear) they more than compensated with determination, positive thinking and good humor. Always in the mood for singing, no matter how steep or rocky the mountain trails were, or how tired their legs were.We had our share of clouds but almost no rain (it only happened during one night, when we were safe inside the mountain hut) so the temperature was perfect for hiking. There were enough moments with good visibility so we enjoyed the majestic views of Avrig lake, Negoiu peak, Balea and Capra lakes, Podragu valley, etc.We spent an evening in a Romanian village down the Fagaras Mountains,Ucea de Sus, where we we pampered and cared for by Iulian’s family and friends.Great local food, authentic rural atmosphere. At the end of the week we felt like we had left home ages ago – is there a better definition for the word “vacation”?Greetings to Omer, Ray, Or and Oran and hope to see you all soon.
Horia Marusca, Brasov, August 2011


It’s been a few days since we finished the 9 day trip in the Fagaras mountains organized for us by Iulian and Horia from www.mountainguide.ro The trip was absolutely perfect! The sites were amazing and the heights of the mountains set the grounds for rare views Everything was organized perfectly and we didn’t have to worry about a single thing from the moment we landed in Bucharest until the moment we took off.Our guide was extremely professional, providing us with info on all the relevant topics that came up and fitting in with the group perfectly
During the hike itself the guide provided us with the support and knowledge we needed as beginner hikers and also set the next days according to our wants and physical condition, showing some very important flexibility.I am looking forward to my next time in Romania and I’m sure I will have Iulian and Horia to set everything up for me

Omer, Ray, Or and Oran, from Israel, August 2011

לפני כמה ימים חזרנו מטרק אדיר של 9 ימים ברכס הפאגארש בהרי הקרפטים ברומניה
היה טרק מדהים, לא קל אבל מלא בנופים מדהימים ותוואי שטח משתנה

השתמשנו בשרותים של חברת www.mountainguide.ro והיה מאוד מאוד מוצלח.
החברה דאגה לכל הצרכים שלנו מהרגע שנחתנו בבוקרשק ועד ההמראה, כולל כל הארוחות, הלינה לפני וחארי הטרק ויותר חשוב במהלך הטרק
המדריך היה מקצוען אמיתי שסיפק לנו מידע רלוונטי על נושאים מגוונים והשתלב בהוואי שלנו בצורה חלקה
בנוסף הוא עזר לנו במהלך הטרק והתכנית הייתה גמישה כדי לענות על כל צורך לשינויים, מזג אוויר, צורך במנוחה וכו’

אני מאמין שאחזור לרומניה לטיולים נוספים ואין לי ספק שאשתמש בשרותים של www.mountainguide.ro שוב


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