Hiking in romania, Fagaras mountains hike

Our hike was short, but challenging.  Meaning that in one day we have to climb Moldoveanu peak, the highest one in Romanian mountains and to arrive to Balea Lake on Transfagarasean highway. Plan was simple, on first day we climb Moldoveanu peak and sleep at Podragu hut, next day we hike from Podragu to Balea Lake.

And this we did, on a loooong first day hiking, 9 1/2 hours, climbing 1926 meters during 22 km. Starting early morning from Ucea de Sus village, is a plus, because the first part of the day is on low morning temperatures. By climbing on Vistea Mare valley the views are fantastic and yu eel that you are going on high altitude, even if Moldoveanu peak is just 2544 m high.

And when we arrived on Vistea Mare peak, the third highest peak in Romania, and we look from where we came, was a wow from all of us! Because the view over Vistea Mare valley and over rolling Trnasylvanian hills is breathtaking!

Thanks Lena and Lotta for being interested in this hike, was a pleasure to hike with you on such a beautiful day! Fagaras mountains are great mountains and anyone is welcome for a tour!

Iulian, July 2018

Thanks Iulian for this great trip!
We had two fantastic days in the Fagaras mountains, and your expertise, knowledge and thoughtfulness added a lot to our fabulous experience.
You set us up for a great challenge, that tested our stamina, but what a great tour we had with you and Nic 🙂
I highly recommend you for others seeking adventures in the Romanian mountains.
Lena Eriksson, Sweden

It was a very nice and great tour. Very nice company with Julian and Nic.. Many laughs!
Walking in this mountains can highly be recommended.
Charlotte Hauksson

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