Hiking in Romania, Fagaras mountains from Piatra Craiului to Suru

Hiking in Romania, Fagaras mountains from Piatra Craiului to Suru

Eileen and Yves. We “know” them since three summers, when we were first time contacted by Eileen mother, Christine, born in Brasov city and Fagaras mountain lover. Her father was bringing her to Fagaras mountains, Transylvanian Alps quite often, and also Eileen told me about her talks with her grand father about this mountains.

On 2013 they were hiking from Brasov to almost Olt valley, on different mountain ranges, accompanied by my colleague Mihai.
On 2014 they came for a mountain biking tour with Horia, and they ended mountain biking and ski touring too, so was cool.
This year we did the entire traverse of Fagaras mountains, from Rudarita in Piatra Craiului to Suru hut in West of Fagaras mountains. We miss the part from Balea Lake to Scara peak, but they did it two years ago. Anyway, our target was to enjoy hiking on beautiful mountains. And this we did!

For such a tour we did a one day warm up in Ciucas mountains, quite mild I can say comparative with the next days. But we were lucky to have good weather for hiking, this count a lot when you traverse Fagaras ridge.
We spent our nights in mountain shelters and mountain huts, enjoying different types of food, mainly carried by us but also delicious food & desert at Barcaciu hut at the end of the trip.

After our hike, I can say as usual, Eileen and Yves spent three days in Ucea de Sus village, my grandmother village, biking around the village, swimming at the pool in Victoria town.
From what they told me, when we meet again in Brasov, they enjoyed a lot those days spent with my grand mother who just speak Romanian but she’s a great cook! 😉

What impressed me a lot, and I was happy to hear this, when was Yves told me that he’s happy to see that “camaraderie” is still on, on a high level up in mountains.

Enjoy the photos and looking forward to see you again here Eileen and Yves!

Iulian, August 2015

Hi Iulian!
What can I say more…the tour was amazing. We really enjoyed being together and getting to know you this time. You are a great guide, but before that, a great human being. I felt comfortable, not stressed and it was a good thing that you were able to adapt the program in function of the weather, etc. Also, I enjoyed our little mountain thief (raspberries, blueberries) 🙂
The mountains are amazingly beautiful, pictures trying to capt how breathtaking the landscape is…but the best is to be over there. Such a special energy.
Overall, we can really recommend you and the team to everybody!


Hi Iulian. I didn’t write anything before because I’m feeling very close to Eileen’s testimonial. Nevertheless, I felt today that it was important to write down how much humanity I found in the shepherds, the people in mountain huts, and in you guys. I felt really connected to the reality by your side, here in the Fàgàras mountains. It’s an invaluable feeling and I’m happy to have seen that it is possible to be connected with today’s world without loosing our essential humanity. Thank you Iulian and Horia for those unforgettable experiences and I deeply hope we’ll meet soon again, for hiking, biking or whatever else.
Pe curànd, Yves

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