Hiking in Romania, climbing highest peak in Romania

I was contacted by Dr. Roehl three years ago, for a hiking tour in Romania. Of course in Fagaras mountains:) And on each year he was pretty busy, or he didn’t find any other persons interested for a tour in Romania.

Why Romania? What you can do there? Is just a country in East Europe from where are coming those persons who stole our cars from West Europe… And of course I’m agree with this type of thinking! But on the same time I think that Romania have a lot of things to offer to persons from all over the world, not only from West Europe. And of course, a big variaty to spent your holidays, especially in the active holiday segement! But for sure you have to be pretty open minded to visit Romania, after you see on Tv’s or read in the news papers about a lot of not so nice things about Romania…. But I think that the reality is 100% different!

So finally, this year Sussane was convinced by Dr. Roelh to join him on his trip to … Romania, to Transylvanian Alps. And I think they will not regret the trip witch we did in Fagaras and Bucegi mountains!

First of all the weather was perfect! And not the last, our backpacks were heavy! I mean heavy! I think each of us carry around 15 kg, sleeping bag, mattress, food, and the usual equipment for a tour like this!

We enjoyed three days in Fagaras mountains, sleeping on bivouac huts from Zarna and Vistea Mare on main ridge, seeing a bear (again!) in Curmatura Zarnei saddle, and not the last we climbed Moldoveanu peak on a beautiful morning on June 8th!

As usually, almost nobody on the ridge of Fagaras on this period, and we were happy with this! In Curmatura Zarnei we met Laura and Nick, who hiked from Iezer papusa mountain range, but they descent thrum Sambata valley.

At the end of Fagaras hike we climbed ~3700 meters, and we loos ~3900 meters, and this in just three days!

After Fagaras mountains we move our hikes in Bucegi mountains, traversing this mountains from West to East. Of course we were the guests of Madam Jebac, from Poarta village, who treat as very well (I can say at usual), and our tour to Bucegi mountains start on a very good manner!

Some photos from this tour below!

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Mike Eubanks

One was not enough… after seeing those pictures I think I need to do that one again! Interesting scenery with the patches of snow that had not melted yet.


For sure this will be our next tour 🙂


Next time will be our turn

Claudia Henzler

absolutely beautiful pictures! Thank you so much! I wish I could be with you right now…
Love from Vienna, Austria

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