Hiking in Bucegi and Fagaras mountains

Hi there, From today, June 6th I will upload new pictures every two days, from a tour in Bucegi and Fagaras mountains. The summer season for hiking on mountains just start today, with the traverse of Bucegi mountains from Babele to Omu peak, and nice descending to Pestera hotel. On the plateau of Bucegi mountains were a little bit of wind, not too much sun, so gloves, wind layers were the most appreciates pieces from our equipment. After a tea break at Omu peak we start easily to descent to Pestera hotel were we are now. The weather was on our side on Ialomita valley, and we arrive safely and dry 😉 at the destination. Tomorrow will traverse over Saua Strunga saddle to Transylvania to Moeciu de Sus village, and after we go to Fagaras mountains. If you think to go to Fagaras mtn, do not forget at home the crampons, because are still snow fields what can be dangerous for traverse especially early in morning.
As I mention yesterday, I just upload new pictures from Bucegi traverse, Pestera Hotel – Pestera Monastery – Moeciu de Sus, over Saua Strunga.
The weather were perfect for hiking and for taking pictures. Below are some photos from today, June 6th and June 7th.
Kind regards,
Iulian Cozma

We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your efficient organization of our Romanian mountain hiking tour. Be assured we were impressed by the variety of scenery and the authenticity of the places you made us discover. Our expectations, both in terms of discovery of new horizons and of hiking challenge were more than fulfilled. Sometimes we arrived exhausted indeed, but satisfied by the result achieved: it was worth the while! Definitely, you gave us good reasons to feel our choice for the Transylvanian Alps was right!
Best regards, and with our best wishes for further success in your undertakings,
Bocancii nerabtadori / Bottines Impatientes , Belgium – Alain Cé, Jacques, Albert, Doumé ,Philippe ,Thierry, Marc, Michel, Vincent, Christian, Alain Vé – June 2009

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