Happiness of hiking

It’s quite possible that a vacation in Romania might pose some challenges for the average American tourist, especially when planning to visit castles, monasteries, and historical towns, as well as complete a 4-night hut-to-hut hiking traverse of the Fagaras Mountains. Challenging, that is, unless your trip is in the capable hands of Iulian Cozma. From our pickup at the Bucharest airport to our 4:30 a.m. departure back to the airport 10 days later, every step of our trip was handled by Iulian with the utmost efficiency and care for our comfort and enjoyment. His skills go far beyond his competence as a mountain guide or his organizational abilities in handling every detail of lodging and traditional Romania menus. It’s a rate individual who can teach his guests how to clear hundreds of sheep from a hiking trail (just whistle!), then several days later escort them to an elegant and extraordinary restaurant in Bucharest. He is one hard working individual, and it is amply demonstrated in the results achieved. We had the good fortune to enjoy many wonderful and memorable experiences thanks to Iulian and would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants an unforgettable and stress-free vacation in Romania.
Jim and Peggy Hilton – Seattle, WA USA – July 2010 – Fagaras ridge traverse


Stefano Leone

Yes indeed beautiful mountains. I grew up on this mountains.
I escaped from there very very young 35 yrs. ago .
Thank you for bringing back the the only wonderful mountain memories.
Have a pleasant journey in life
Best regards

Mark Zarro

I have actually done that same hike and would recommend it to anyone. The Transylvanian Carpathians are simply incredible and one of the last real untamed forests in Europe.

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