Climbing highest peak in Romania

Greetings, In October 2010 I tried with Beth and Marc to climb Moldoveanu peak, on a three days hike, but the weather was not on our side. Up at Podragu hut was already snow, and too much snow for a safe climb on the top of Romania, Moldoveanu peak, 2544 m high, so we had to re-schedule the tour.

And we decide to do the tour on June 16-18, this year, and we succeeded, as you may see on the photos below. The tour start from Balea lake, with a wonderful hike to Podragu hut. Corina just opened Podragu hut with a day before we arrived there, so all was good up there. Next day we start to Moldoveanu peak with a full team, Beth, Marc and my wife, Rosana. For all three this was the first time on Romanian highest peak, and we’ve been lucky with the weather. After Moldoveanu peak we descent on Podragu valley to Turnuri hut, and from there to Ucea de Sus village, to celebrate my 36 birthday with all my family.

I can say that was a nice tour, nice company, and as you may see, nice weather and photos!

On this occasion I launched a permanent exhibition of photos at Podragu chalet on Fagaras Mountains. The exhibition contain 19 black and white and color photos at a size of 50×70 cm.

Kind regards,

Climbing Mount Moldoveanu. A great experience with Iulian on 18th and 19th of June 2011.
We tried to climb Mount Moldoveanu by mid-October 2010 but we were blocked by the first snow storm of the season.Therefore we decided to give it another try this June,Once more Iulian had organized everything perfect.
We started by 8 hours hike from Balea lake to Podragu hut before to do the final climb on Sunday 19th.The weather was overall good and we reached the top after 3,5 hours.The view was superb and on the way back we had the opportunity to watch the rhododendrons that are blossoming at this time of the year.Iulian knows the Fagaras mountains very well and his explanations always make the hiking more interesting.The personal touch was the end of the trip in his grandmother house in Ucea de Sus were we have shared a cake with the family for his birthday.It was also the opportunity to meet people of the village wearing their traditional clothes on Sunday.
Beth & Marc Desenfans, June 2011

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