Bergwandern in Fagaras Berge, 23-29 August 2009

This is his country. His mountains. You can feel it from the first moment. He knows everything: the people, the history, the current challenges and no doubt about it: every path and every stone in the mountains. Passionate and a perfectionistic. Having centered every single minute of our tailor-made tour around an exciting vacation adventure for us he brought us unexpected, surprising and overwhelming insights into yet undetected landscapes and people. Just by offering. Nothing forced, artificial. He managed to show us the normal life far off the touristic mainstream. He offered us a very special view into a young country on its way from the stiffness of comunism to modernism, a breathtaking landscape and an unforgettable hiking experience. If you plan to spend your holidays in Romania don’t miss the opportunity to get to know Iulian. And if you wonder about the immediate feedback from him – no mountain too high to be online, no hiking trip too challenging to answer customer’s e-mails within short. Simultanously 100% attention for the group. And he does all this without any fuss.

Karin Krieg, Erlangen, Germany