Australian hikers in Romanian mountains

Hi Iulian,
Back in Australia now after my European sojourn and a bit sadden to read the news about the unrest in Bucharest. I hope something positive comes from it all.

I want to thank you for not only organizing our tour but guiding it. After 40 odd of years of walking either solo, guiding or occasionally being guided, I guess I know a bit about what makes a good guide and I have to say you are one of the best I have come across.

Your attention to detail, organizational and leadership skills and ability to connect to us “oldies” ensured we had a terrific time. I was particularly impressed with how you were able to constantly amend the itinerary to meet the changing needs of the party, especially during wet weather, and without affecting the quality of the overall experience, was very impressive.

We also enjoy your sense of humor and really appreciated your obvious good relationships and commitment to all your connections (taxi drivers, guest house owners ice cream and chocolate suppliers etc) that ensured we got to experience the friendliness of Romanians first hand.

So, from myself, Kate, Colin and Max ….. THANK YOU!! from Jamberoo, Australia, July 2018 – photos here

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