American hikers in Fagaras mountains

I’m part of a group of guys that every year goes on a combination trek/cultural trip in some faraway part of the world. We always use an in-country guide to put our trips together.

Iulian is the best guide we have had. He is a rare combination of a first-rate guide, a great companion and a businessman with an excellent attention to detail both in the trip planning stages and during the actual trip. It’s that last quality where most hiking guides fall down and it’s the difference for a so-so trip and a great trip for a group. This didn’t stop when our trip ended – I’d only been home a few days when a number of photos (an unexpected surprise) arrived via email from Iulian.

Iulian was able to handle unexpected problems such as one member getting injured and having to quit the trek in the middle of nowhere with ease. He’s well connected and was able to find experts for several cultural side trips we wanted to do, some at the last minute. And he knows where to go for great food – everything from a home made feast at his mother’s house to giant spreads in fabulous restaurants just happened.

Plus, he’s just a really good guy who’s fun to talk to.

If you’re going to visit the mountains in Romania – look no further. You’ve found the best. Hire him!

By Al O’Connor, USA, Aug 2012 – photos here